Applying Maskcara Makeup; under florescent lighting.



I was recently at a vendor event and had the pleasure of working under fluorescent lighting. Most people know that fluorescent lighting is not that kind. You especially know this if you ever self-checked out at Target and got the unfortunate glimpse of your reflection in the mirror.  This thought has inspired my latest challenge, The Target Self Checkout Mirror Reflection Challenge.

Details of  The Target Self Checkout Mirror Challenge:

I will go Target sans makeup.  Pick up an item from the dollar bins, check out, take a mirror selfie in the self-checkout line. Head back to my car and do a Mascara HAC in the car. Go back inside, get another dollar item, check out and take mirror selfie in the self-checkout line. I will create another blog post about the results.  If it looks like hell I will still post it in the name of transparency. That reflection is unforgiving! Both pictures will include a smile and be as identical as possible in terms of lighting conditions and angle. Stay Tuned!

Back to the Vendor event and a couple of makeovers:

Regardless of the fluorescent lighting, I was very excited to watch the transformations of my free makeovers taking place. Even under the harsh lighting, the makeup was blending seamlessly into the skin. Redness was being corrected with ease and the makeup sitting perfectly on the skin. Check out Heather’s barely-there transformation. Her skin tone is evened out, she has more definition in her jawline and a fresh glow right on her cheeks. Her friend asked her if she had anything on, and I took it as a compliment. Foundation should not be detectable; it should be subtle.  In my opinion, drama from makeup comes from the eyes or lips, not cakey layers of foundation.  What do you think about Heather’s barely there look?


Next up is the beautiful Hollie.  She has medium skin with strong red undertones.  The Maskcara IIID foundation was able to even out the red, and still look natural and even.  Hollie also has a more defined jawline and I played up her cheekbones.  What do you think about Hollies Barely-There makeover?


I have gone to Ulta several times looking for a foundation that sits well on the skin.  The ITcosmetics Miracle In A Compact was the best I used prior to Maskcara, there was one hangup; it did not last.  I would put it on and then an hour later see my reflection in the self-checkout line in target and be terrified of my reflection.  This is the birth of the Target Self Checkout Mirror Selfie Challenge. I pledge I will stick to the rules of the Target Self Checkout Mirror Selfie Challenge as I have set forth.   It’ll be the ultimate test of whether or not Maskcara can hack awful fluorescent light.  I will do it in one shot, so whatever the results are, is what I will post. Check out the challenge results!

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Half up messy bun

This half up messy bun is great on second-day hair.  It looks pulled together and still done because of the flowing locks on the bottom.  This is my go-to second-day hairstyle when the front sections are flat and all the waves weighed down.


To start pull the top section of hair back into a ponytail, wrap elastic around once and then pull tail a quarter of the way through. This will create a small bun.  This small bun is the base of the messy bun. Pull the hair around the crown forward and loosen it up a bit.  Take any face-framing pieces out now before the bun gets made.  Next, take the tail of the mini bun and loosely rope braid it. The loser the braid is the more whimsical the look.  Wrap the braid around the mini bun tuck the tail into the elastic. Place a bobby pin on the top side of the bun if needed to secure.  Check the back of your head and see if there are any other flat areas of curls or oddly kinked hair.  Take those unruly sections and loosely rope braid them and wrap them around the minibun.  Bobby pin in any loose hair to secure bun.  Add more texture by gently tugging at the braids and bun. Finally pull hair forward at the crown.


Then use double prong clips and clip them vertically around the top. You should look like you have a crown of double prong clips.  After the clips are placed spray with a generous amount of hairspray and let it dry.  Once dry carefully remove the double prong clips, this little trick gives more texture and adds interest to the hairstyle. For more definition use a curling wand and curl random sections of hair on the bottom.


If you are looking for some Halloween inspiration this hairstyle could be easily adapted to copy Ceri Lanosters iconic up-dos. Just split the loose hair on the bottom into two sections. Gently rope braid each section and secure with a clear elastic. Viola, you now have an epic hairstyle, and are ready to hit the Renaissance Fair looking like Cerci Lannister!  Check out my Youtube video below for a visual guide!

How to tint your own eyelashes.



Blonde eyelashes and brows have been my largest insecurity. Being a redhead was tough as a kid, but for me, having blonde eyelashes was the worst. When I was in the eighth grade I begged my mom to take me to get my brows dyed. I loved it. The salon told me that some salons do lashes, but they didn’t. From then on I was obsessed with finding a way to dye my eyelashes. It wasn’t until I was in college and discovered a salon near my school that did it. I loved the results and went every month or so and got my lashes tinted. Then I graduated and moved home it became a struggle to find a salon that compared to the first place. They either never got the roots or the color never kept. I tried every at home eyelash tint I could find and nothing compared to the results the first salon got me. Then I found the Refectocil kit. It’s been a game changer. I am so satisfied with how they come out every time! Below is a picture of my eyelashes after tinting with no mascara on. I love the extra definition it gives my eyes! 20181011_145346_HDR-1-1

How to do at home lash tint.  Start with clean dry eyelashes. Prepare the dye as instructed on the box. Put vaseline all around your eyes to prevent staining. There are also paper skin protectors available.  Take the plastic applicator and load the thin side with the prepared dye. Close one eye and push the dye into the roots of your lashes and pull it down the length of your lashes. Then take a mascara spolie loaded with dye and comb through the lashes. Keep repeating this process until all the lashes are evenly covered. Use a cotton Q-tip to wipe away any dye that gets on the skin. If dye ends up on the waterline it’s important to stay calm and resist blinking. Gently take a Q-tip and blot the dye up with the tip. If you start blinking your eyes will water and burn. Should dye get in your eyes simply wash them out. After letting the dye sit for the recommended time on the box wash your lashes with plain water and you are done. If you have blonde lashes it may take 2 applications for desired results. It’s so nice to not have to put mascara on daily, and the color does last a good 4 to 6 weeks. Please note that if you tint your lashes there is a potential risk. Be sure to follow the manufactures instructions and understand the adverse risks associated with lash tint.  Check out my video on how to tint your eyelashes at home!

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How does Maskcara IIID Foundation work?


Applying Maskcara IIID Foundation is so easy and quick! Simply put the product exactly where you want it to go and blend it all in! Each kit comes with a “how to apply” card with a diagram on it. Follow where the card indicates to put the various products and blend. The result is an enhanced version of you.

To start, get a combination of single tins that work for your skin and the look you are going for. For the Barely There look I suggest 1 or 2 highlight colors, a contour, blush, and a setting powder.  You get a free compact when you purchase four single pots of the foundation. Which one will you choose? FB_IMG_1538685126444

The double-sided brushes and simple compact design streamline your makeup bag. You’ll spend less time digging in your makeup bag for brushes and different products. The brushes are luxurious and apply the product perfectly. I recommend either the 30 Second HAC brush or the Detail HAC brush to start. Blend with a damp IIID Perfector Sponge for a perfect finish. If you have questions or want to learn more about how to apply Maskcara IIID Foundation please contact me! You can also join my facebook page to get Live HAC classes and enter giveaways!

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5 Minute Simple Updo on Dirty Hair


This is my go-to dirty hairstyle!  Perfect for day 4 hair and beyond.  People will think you spent a ton of time on it but really the hairstyle took 5 minutes. The hairstyle hack of tucking loose ends into elastic is a lifesaver when bobby pins cannot be found. This hairstyle works great for greasy roots as it helps keep the braid secure. This is a great easy hairstyle for greasy hair. For a more whimsical look do it on curled 2nd-day hair.

How To Style Greasy Roots:

If you are feeling fancy spray a little dry shampoo into your roots and fluff them up. I use Herbal Essence dry shampoo. If you are avoiding dry shampoo, just fluff up your roots a little bit. This just helps create a little extra volume at the crown.  Next part your hair to the side and do a French Rope Braid. To do a French rope braid take a small section of hair by the part of your hair near the forehead and split hair section into two smaller sections. Pass the outside strand of hair to the inside hand and twist it over the inside strand. Repeat this step adding hair from along your crown in.  Once braid reaches the desired length, using an elastic pull all hair back into a ponytail.  Take a comb and arrange hair how you want it to lay. Pull hair through an elastic, twist and pull hair out a quarter way through elastic forming a small bun with a tail.  Divide the remaining ponytail into two sections. Rope braid each section and wrap around bun and tuck ends into elastic.  Finish the look off by gently tugging at the braids and carefully pulling hair up from the elastic.  This gentle pulling helps give the hairstyle a more textured look and adds more interest.  I hope you enjoyed my easy hair tutorial for super dirty or greasy hair! Check out the video below for step by step instructions!


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