Initial Deva Curl Review


I have been following the Curly Girl Method for several months now; I even went out and got the special Deva Cut. Deva Curl Products were used during this cut, and I was less than impressed. In fact, I was pretty disappointed by the entire experience.  The stylist told me over and over that, I would most likely be better off styling my own hair with the products.  I pretty much wrote off the Deva Curl line. That was until I was walking around Ulta, and I got the itch.  The uncontrollable “I am a product junkie and must have a fix.” itch. I picked up the travel size Deva Curl Line and went for it.


I followed my normal Curly Girl Method routine; squish to condish, applying massive amounts of styling cream, gel, and plopping. I was happy with my wash day results, but it was my second-day curls and beyond that have impressed me the most so far.   20181122_093019_0001 Since I still have a lot of product to use up I will not give a definitive Splurge or Pass to the Deva Curl line. I will say I have gotten the best subsequent day hair that I’ve ever had after my initial Deva Curl wash day. I mean check out this second-day curl!


How I refreshed my curls:

I  slept with my hair in a pineapple; a super high ponytail or bun using a scrunchie.  When I was ready to do my hair I fluffed the roots, then used a spray bottle to spray my hair down. (I have the best spray bottle from Home Depot!) I heard somewhere that if your hair is getting frizzy add more water.  SO I added lots of water and then added a healthy amount of styling cream and a bit of gel. It was so wet I needed to defuse it, but it did dry faster than if I had washed it. The last step is scrunching out the crunch and rubbing the roots for volume.  I was so pleased with how my hair turned out! I was pleasantly surprised and even had some super curly clumps.


In this short and sweet video, you can see all three days of refreshed curl results following my wash day. I will continue to use up all the Deva Curl Products and will give my final verdict as to whether or not the Deva Curl line is worth the splurge. If you would like to see my Curly Girl Method in action check out some of my other videos.


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