I tried Magnetic Eyelash Stips


While on my Wish App shopping spree last year I bought 12 for 1 dollar magnetic lashes. When they arrived I could not help but laugh. They were large strips of plastic without any magnets and a very odd fringe for lashes. 20171116_221308.jpg

After receiving these I was pretty turned off of the magnetic lash trend. However being a product junky it was not long before I was walking around RiteAid itching for something new to try.  I saw the Ardell Magnetic Lash Strips and even at 12 dollars a pop I took the plunge and purchased the Ardell Magnetic Accent Lashes. I wish I could say it was love at first wear, but it did take some practice to get the strips on right.


Unfortunately, a magnet fell one of the Ardell Magnetic Accent Lash Strips. Since I hate throwing stuff out I decided I would try and trim down the Ardell Magnetic Lash Accent Strip to see if I could still use them.  In the graphic below you can see the trimmed Accent strip vs the full Accent strip. I also trimmed off some of the long lashes. I do like how they both give my eyes extra definition, but ultimately like the Accent Lashes as they come.


After the small learning curve with the Ardell Magnetic Accent Lash Strips, I decided to try the full strips. Unfortunately, one of the lash strips broke while I was trying to remove it from the packaging. This coupled with the magnet falling off my Accent pair makes me think these lashes are not very durable; which defeats the purpose of them being reusable. I made a video comparing the Ardell Magnetic Accent Lashes and the Ardell Magnetic Lashes.


Looking at the above picture I can see how the full strip opens my eye and lifts my face. What the picture does not show is how the Ardell Magnetic Lash Strip was falling off in the corner or how heavy it felt on my eyes.  I also felt like they maybe looked like spider legs, there are a lot of lashes there! I could trim down the full lashes and see if they lay better, but due to cost and how infrequently I would wear them, I will return them. That said I do love the look of the full lashes, but lash glue makes my eyes water. I will settle and keep the Ardell Magnetic Accent Lashes, and wear them next time I am getting fancy!  For people who are sensitive to lash glue I would recommend Ardell Magnetic Lash Accents, but caution the user to be super careful when removing from the package and when applying and removing lash strips. If you are like me and sensitive to lash glue I would recommend these as a good alternative.


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