23″ Synthetic Curly Extensions, and thick side braids!

20181030_103834_0001.pngOver a year ago I purchased 23″ Synthetic Curly Extensions off the WISH App. I had no idea what I was looking for, but I wanted something cheap because I did not know if I would ever use them.  The extensions I purchased were twenty dollars.  I thought when I bought them they were human hair, however, once they arrived I realized I made a mistake and got synthetic ones.  Unfortionaly, they just went into the I should return but I am not good at adulting pile and forgotten about.  They remained in the closet until I wrote my last post and I decided to dig them out and give them another try.


When the extensions were originally purchased my hair was five inches shorter.  At that time the 23″ extensions just looked super ridiculous, however, since my hair has grown a lot they look as natural as synthetic extensions can.


Having all the extensions in made me feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid; all I needed was some music and I would have been singing Part Of Your World. I loved having all that hair, but the clips were super uncomfortable on my scalp.  I’m an extension virgin so I don’t know if that is just the way it is or if higher quality extensions have better clips as well.  Overall the synthetic hair reminded me of the American Girl Doll I had that “looked” like me. It was impossible to run my fingers through the synthetic extensions, and they got pretty frizzy as I braided them.  Even with all these negatives, I would still wear them for a short period or if I was dressing up needed some extra hair for a costume. Here are pictures of me with a fishtail braid and three strand braid using all the extensions. I love the way it looks, but hate the clips in my head.



Overall I would not recommend Synthetic Clip In Hair Extensions.  I am trying to find a way to use them to just braid into my hair to get that large bohemian braid look. In these pictures, you can see the various ways I tried to achieve a thick braid with minimal scalp pain. Going clockwise from the left; I attempted to use a four clip strip folded up and then braided into my hair. It did not feel secure or look all that great. The picture on the right is my braid with no extensions. Bottom left I have five total clips on two strips clipped into the back of my head. This was probably the most successful try but even though I only had two clip strips in, my scalp still hurt.


Check out my youtube video on these extensions, and attempt at getting an epic Elsa style braid. All in all, I loved how the 23″ synthetic curly hair extensions looked from a distance, but up close they looked pretty bad. I love the thick braid hairstyle I was able to achieve with the hair extensions.

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