How to Apply Maskcara Makeup; Color blocking and blending.


In this graphic, you can see exactly where I put the highlight and contour shades before I blended it out.  The strategic placement of the contour lines can really change face shape.  I did go a bit heavier with the product than I normally do just to illustrate how contouring casts a shadow pushing features backward, and how highlighting pushes features forward by applying a color brighter than natural skin tone.

Highlight: Linen and White Peach; Linen was applied under my eyes, in the corner of my eyes, and along the top of my cheeks. White Peach was applied to ruddy areas and to cover any spots.

Contour: Astoria and Ash; Ash is the lighter of the two contours, it was applied under the cheekbones, along with the jawline and forehead.  Astoria was used sparingly along the sides of the nose, under bottom lip, and on eyes.

Lip and Check: Black Cherry; Put a generous amount just below the apple of cheeks and on lips.

Makeup was applied using the Maskcara 30 Second HAC brush, and the Detail HAC Brush. To blend I used the Pore Perfecter sponge and finished off with the Vanilla Dust Setting Powder.  Both pictures were taken in the same spot and there is no filter on either. For more makeovers check out my other blog posts, there are several transformation posts.


In this video, I used really exaggerated contour and blush blocks and then blended it out. I then went back in to darken and exaggerate the contour and blush more. This demonstrates how build-able Maskcara IIID foundation is.   It was neat to see the color transformation and watch how the carefully placed contour lines changed my face shape. Even after putting a fair amount of product on my face it was still seamless and laid beautifully on the skin.

Shop Maskcara at if you need help color matching please send me an email, I will be happy to help.  If you are interested in becoming a Maskcara Makeup Artist yourself please contact me for details.

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