Easy Elegant Updo


I’ve always loved the look of up-dos. As a child, I watched Little House On The Prairie and was obsessed with the characters hairstyles.  I would practice up-dos and braids on myself and loved how it neat they would come out. Getting up-dos for prom was my favorite part about getting ready.  The stylist explained to me that making two ponytails or using a bun form was an easy way to get bigger and fuller up-dos, she also informed me that curling the hair prior helped make the ends easier to conceal and gave a more finished look.  I have since been on the quest to create up-dos that are quick, and don’t require curling or styling prior.

This easy but elegant looking up-do is a Topsy tail, ponytail, and a bun form with lots of bobby pins.  If you are looking for a more polished look, curling your hair prior will help. Creating the look; First, take front sections of hair and pull them back and secure with a plastic elastic. Make a Topsy tail with this ponytail, by tucking the ends into space just before the elastic. Gently tighten Topsy Tail. Pull all hair back into a ponytail.  Place a bun form underneath ponytail and bobby pin in place.  Bobby pin hair over top the bun form and work to secure bun form to the back of the head.  Place hair around bun form as needed and pin until the entire bun form is covered.  Take a bobby pin and connect the sides of Topsy tail together.  Carefully tug at the hair to give it a textured look.  If you are a visual learner check out the How to Video below.

Writing this blog post got me thinking about women in 1880 and their various hairstyles.  According to Wikipedia  “Hair was usually pulled back at the sides and worn in a low knot or cluster of ringlets; later hair was swept up to the top of the head. Fringe or bangs remained fashionable throughout the decade, usually curled or frizzled over the forehead, often called “Josephine Curls.” This explains the bangs throughout the Little House series.

Check out Nelly’s Josephine Curls.  I’ll pass on those bangs, but I love the way Laura’s bun looks from the back. For my next video, I am going to attempt to recreate Laura’s Up-do. Looks as simple as a rope braid, bun form, and three strand braid.



Check out the results of my Laura Ingalls up-do!

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I also have several other simple hair tutorials on YouTube, this one is my favorite!




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