Target Monitor Selfie Challenge: Completed

20181016_115100_0001.pngIn my last post, I came up with the Target Self-Checkout MIRROR Selfie Challenge.  The challenge was born out of doing makeovers under fluorescent lights and then remembering how I once thought there was someone else standing behind me when self-checking out at Target.  It wasn’t a grumpy stranger impatiently waiting; it was my reflection. Those lights and that camera lens is brutal! Thus the Target Self-Checkout Mirror Selfie Challenge was born.

However I have now completed the challenge, and now know there is no mirror there its actually a camera monitor.  Embarrassing I know, but that goes to show just how much I was horrified by the reflection; I just assumed it was a mirror and never looked at it again.

Executing the Challenge:

I arrived at Target after putting the kids to bed with a clean moisturized face.  I went in and picked up a Halloween sticker book and then headed to the self-checkout.  I went to pay and realized I had forgotten money.  I told the cashier, and he told me to just go to the car and get it and then come back and finish checking out.  I went and got my money and came back, but now I had a cashier hoovering around me.  I pressed on. With as much Suave as I could muster, I started snapping selfies. It was around this time I realized it was not a mirror but a monitor and it was higher than I remembered.  It should be said that my reflection was as scary as I remembered. I did the best I could and could feel eyeballs burning into me as I was snapping away.


Convinced I got some decent before shots I headed back to my car and proceeded to do a Maskcara HAC using just the overhead lights. I did it as I normally would do with the same colors I normally use.  Once I was convinced I blended enough I headed back to into Target.  This time I got a gel sticker set for my daughter and then went to the same self-checkout register. I pulled out my phone and started to take selfies.  I most certainly looked like a goober taking selfies, but my reflection in the camera monitor was not nearly as horrifying.  Would I put it as my Facebook profile picture? No. Do I think it demonstrates how well Maskcara preforms under florescent lights? Yes, I do.  My skin tone was evened out, dark circles look more tired mom less Uncle Fester. My  jawline is defined and I have check bones under my rosy cheeks. In my after picture I have the #reallifefilter on and in person it looked natural not cakey.


I am really glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and faced down that monitor. Would you try doing a Target Monitor Selfie Challenge? If you do I would love to see it. Check out my video for a better understanding of how things turned out!



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