Applying Maskcara Makeup; under florescent lighting.



I was recently at a vendor event and had the pleasure of working under fluorescent lighting. Most people know that fluorescent lighting is not that kind. You especially know this if you ever self-checked out at Target and got the unfortunate glimpse of your reflection in the mirror.  This thought has inspired my latest challenge, The Target Self Checkout Mirror Reflection Challenge.

Details of  The Target Self Checkout Mirror Challenge:

I will go Target sans makeup.  Pick up an item from the dollar bins, check out, take a mirror selfie in the self-checkout line. Head back to my car and do a Mascara HAC in the car. Go back inside, get another dollar item, check out and take mirror selfie in the self-checkout line. I will create another blog post about the results.  If it looks like hell I will still post it in the name of transparency. That reflection is unforgiving! Both pictures will include a smile and be as identical as possible in terms of lighting conditions and angle. Stay Tuned!

Back to the Vendor event and a couple of makeovers:

Regardless of the fluorescent lighting, I was very excited to watch the transformations of my free makeovers taking place. Even under the harsh lighting, the makeup was blending seamlessly into the skin. Redness was being corrected with ease and the makeup sitting perfectly on the skin. Check out Heather’s barely-there transformation. Her skin tone is evened out, she has more definition in her jawline and a fresh glow right on her cheeks. Her friend asked her if she had anything on, and I took it as a compliment. Foundation should not be detectable; it should be subtle.  In my opinion, drama from makeup comes from the eyes or lips, not cakey layers of foundation.  What do you think about Heather’s barely there look?


Next up is the beautiful Hollie.  She has medium skin with strong red undertones.  The Maskcara IIID foundation was able to even out the red, and still look natural and even.  Hollie also has a more defined jawline and I played up her cheekbones.  What do you think about Hollies Barely-There makeover?


I have gone to Ulta several times looking for a foundation that sits well on the skin.  The ITcosmetics Miracle In A Compact was the best I used prior to Maskcara, there was one hangup; it did not last.  I would put it on and then an hour later see my reflection in the self-checkout line in target and be terrified of my reflection.  This is the birth of the Target Self Checkout Mirror Selfie Challenge. I pledge I will stick to the rules of the Target Self Checkout Mirror Selfie Challenge as I have set forth.   It’ll be the ultimate test of whether or not Maskcara can hack awful fluorescent light.  I will do it in one shot, so whatever the results are, is what I will post. Check out the challenge results!

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