Half up messy bun

This half up messy bun is great on second-day hair.  It looks pulled together and still done because of the flowing locks on the bottom.  This is my go-to second-day hairstyle when the front sections are flat and all the waves weighed down.


To start pull the top section of hair back into a ponytail, wrap elastic around once and then pull tail a quarter of the way through. This will create a small bun.  This small bun is the base of the messy bun. Pull the hair around the crown forward and loosen it up a bit.  Take any face-framing pieces out now before the bun gets made.  Next, take the tail of the mini bun and loosely rope braid it. The loser the braid is the more whimsical the look.  Wrap the braid around the mini bun tuck the tail into the elastic. Place a bobby pin on the top side of the bun if needed to secure.  Check the back of your head and see if there are any other flat areas of curls or oddly kinked hair.  Take those unruly sections and loosely rope braid them and wrap them around the minibun.  Bobby pin in any loose hair to secure bun.  Add more texture by gently tugging at the braids and bun. Finally pull hair forward at the crown.


Then use double prong clips and clip them vertically around the top. You should look like you have a crown of double prong clips.  After the clips are placed spray with a generous amount of hairspray and let it dry.  Once dry carefully remove the double prong clips, this little trick gives more texture and adds interest to the hairstyle. For more definition use a curling wand and curl random sections of hair on the bottom.


If you are looking for some Halloween inspiration this hairstyle could be easily adapted to copy Ceri Lanosters iconic up-dos. Just split the loose hair on the bottom into two sections. Gently rope braid each section and secure with a clear elastic. Viola, you now have an epic hairstyle, and are ready to hit the Renaissance Fair looking like Cerci Lannister!  Check out my Youtube video below for a visual guide!


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