How to tint your own eyelashes.



Blonde eyelashes and brows have been my largest insecurity. Being a redhead was tough as a kid, but for me, having blonde eyelashes was the worst. When I was in the eighth grade I begged my mom to take me to get my brows dyed. I loved it. The salon told me that some salons do lashes, but they didn’t. From then on I was obsessed with finding a way to dye my eyelashes. It wasn’t until I was in college and discovered a salon near my school that did it. I loved the results and went every month or so and got my lashes tinted. Then I graduated and moved home it became a struggle to find a salon that compared to the first place. They either never got the roots or the color never kept. I tried every at home eyelash tint I could find and nothing compared to the results the first salon got me. Then I found the Refectocil kit. It’s been a game changer. I am so satisfied with how they come out every time! Below is a picture of my eyelashes after tinting with no mascara on. I love the extra definition it gives my eyes! 20181011_145346_HDR-1-1

How to do at home lash tint.  Start with clean dry eyelashes. Prepare the dye as instructed on the box. Put vaseline all around your eyes to prevent staining. There are also paper skin protectors available.  Take the plastic applicator and load the thin side with the prepared dye. Close one eye and push the dye into the roots of your lashes and pull it down the length of your lashes. Then take a mascara spolie loaded with dye and comb through the lashes. Keep repeating this process until all the lashes are evenly covered. Use a cotton Q-tip to wipe away any dye that gets on the skin. If dye ends up on the waterline it’s important to stay calm and resist blinking. Gently take a Q-tip and blot the dye up with the tip. If you start blinking your eyes will water and burn. Should dye get in your eyes simply wash them out. After letting the dye sit for the recommended time on the box wash your lashes with plain water and you are done. If you have blonde lashes it may take 2 applications for desired results. It’s so nice to not have to put mascara on daily, and the color does last a good 4 to 6 weeks. Please note that if you tint your lashes there is a potential risk. Be sure to follow the manufactures instructions and understand the adverse risks associated with lash tint.  Check out my video on how to tint your eyelashes at home!

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