How does Maskcara IIID Foundation work?


Applying Maskcara IIID Foundation is so easy and quick! Simply put the product exactly where you want it to go and blend it all in! Each kit comes with a “how to apply” card with a diagram on it. Follow where the card indicates to put the various products and blend. The result is an enhanced version of you.

To start, get a combination of single tins that work for your skin and the look you are going for. For the Barely There look I suggest 1 or 2 highlight colors, a contour, blush, and a setting powder.  You get a free compact when you purchase four single pots of the foundation. Which one will you choose? FB_IMG_1538685126444

The double-sided brushes and simple compact design streamline your makeup bag. You’ll spend less time digging in your makeup bag for brushes and different products. The brushes are luxurious and apply the product perfectly. I recommend either the 30 Second HAC brush or the Detail HAC brush to start. Blend with a damp IIID Perfector Sponge for a perfect finish. If you have questions or want to learn more about how to apply Maskcara IIID Foundation please contact me! You can also join my facebook page to get Live HAC classes and enter giveaways!

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